At ACRC, members gain access to cutting-edge research they can apply to today’s business challenges.  Members are actively involved in the research selection process.  Our focus is on solidification processing, light metals, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, semi-solid processing and digital manufacturing. The work is carried out using simulation and models coupled with experiments.

Research Focus Areas

  • Alloy development
  • High entropy Al alloys
  • Strengthening mechanisms in Al alloys without heat treatment
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning in metal casting
  • Innovative thermal processing (cryogenic)
  • Novel solidification Processes
  • Friction stir processing, WAAM, He process, etc.
  • High integrity casting
  • Nanocomposites
  • Oxide control
  • Digital manufacturing
  • FEA constructs incorporating defects

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Research Protocol

  • Research projects are member driven.  Members submit and vote on proposed projects
  • Oversight by an industry steering committee and focus group on each project assures project relevance and support for the researchers
  • Three-Four projects are initiated each year
  • Members have royalty-free IP rights to pre-competitive research
  • Members have the option of supporting research projects outside the confines of the consortium
  • ACRC also carries out large-scale projects funded by the federal government and/or foundations.  These projects keep members informed about leading edge technologies.